Monday, January 09, 2006

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

My dad's Big Chief 'Little Monster'

Here's looking at you kid.

I support Newcastle.....get it ?

Food, now....or else

One more glass ???

Get your mitts off me drink

Stuff the diet

You always find bugs in dead wood

Someone shut that door, it's draughty

Quick, lock the bloody gate

Bloody hell luv, keep your head down

Barnard Castle

Long walk home

A good reed

Beasts of Derwent & tree....Tree on right

Lazy and lovin' it

Derwent launch

Gone fishing

Spirits retire

'Little Monster' at peace......for once

Rickety road to nowhere

Wood, Earth & Water

Now now, no fighting

Here they come

Derwent Water Island

Grandma's hat's too big

Lodore Jetty, Derwent Water

Lodore Jetty, Derwent Water

Hmm, Let's think now. Which Coffee House first ?

Coffee House mate, just down there on the right

4 slabs of the cake on the sign over yonder, please

Yep, that cake...

The bloody blue bottle clashes with me complexion

Gary Numans 'Jagged' album promo photo

I Love this picture
Angle Tarn above Glenridding

If I just bend this knee like this, I'll look cool

Hmm, how did the pub get in the centre of the frame

Lean back a little sweetheart..a bit more..and again

Watch the flash doesn't bounce off me head

I see no ships...

Hug all you want...Your not getting a carry Beamish

What's the story in Balamory...

Don't you dare...

Nope... I aint opening them

As your mother, I demand a photo

That's it. 'Monster' NOW
Are we there yet...?

You said the top was just round here
I can only take so much

Is Dodd summit as high as Everest

Er......I'll hold yer up dear

Bloody rainbows get everywhere

'Monster' made me drink the pint

The ghosts of Beamish

Yobbo on tour...